Why Board Game Subscription Boxes are the best way to buy board games

With board game subscription boxes you can easily discover and enjoy the hottest and best new board games. The risk of buying board games that are not fun or too hard to understand is minimized because the team at UnboxBoardom does all the research for you. We know which are the best board games because we've played them with our own families. We know the "duds" and we know the "studs".

How Our Board Game Subscription Box Service Works

When you sign up for the UnboxBoardom board game subscription box service you will receive brand-new board games delivered right to your door for you to keep.   All of our featured board games are loved by members of the UnboxBoardom team -- from family board games to strategy board games to party board games. We continually keep a finger on the pulse of the dynamic board game industry.

Also, because we want everyone to be able to enjoy the thrill, excitement and personal interaction from playing board games, for every 10 new board game subscription box signups, we'll donate a board game to an organization that helps kids who can’t afford one.

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And check out this unboxing video review of a past board game subscription box from YouTube star, Leonhart54!