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Cat in the Box (Deluxe Edition)


Product Description

In this trick-taking game, all of the cards in your hand are no color, but can be any color at the same time (yes, you read that right!). All cards have a number on them, but no color associated with them. When you play a card from your hand, you will declare what color it is and then other players will do the same thing. The highest number of the same color wins the trick. All cards played are marked on a shared board and only one number/color combination can be played each round. If you are forced to play a number/color combo that has already been played you instantly cause a paradox and the round ends! You will score points based on if you guessed correctly the number of tricks you would win, as well as gaining other bonuses based on the combos you played. But be careful, if you caused the paradox you will get no points and be blamed for the cat-astrophe!

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