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Kill the monsters. Steal the Treasure. Stab Your Buddy. What's not to love!? Munchkin is a game that has remained extremely popular over the years and has spawned many expansions. There are two decks of cards in Munchkin: door cards and treasure cards. You will start the game with items in your hand which you can play to gain strength. On your turn, you will flip a door card over. If the revealed door card is a monster, you have to defeat it by having strength equal to or greater than the monster strength. If you do, you move up a level and gain treasure. If you can't, you will pay a penalty unless other players help you out. All you have to do to win is get to Level 10 before any other players (who may try to sabotage you along the way). The cards are hilarious, and when players are laughing is a great time to go for the steal...or kill!

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